7 Simple Gas Saving Tips

Slow Down: At speeds higher than 55 mph, fuel consumption skyrockets. You can get 20% more mileage driving at 55 than at 70 mph. Varying your speed also makes for poorer gas mileage.

Travel Lightly: Carrying extra pounds in your car wastes gas. Check inside your trunk for items you don't really need to bring along. Unnecessary accessories also add needless weight.

Don't Remain Idle: If your car idles for more than a minute, you're probably using more gas than if you stopped and restarted it. For every six minutes of idling time, you're wasting up to a full cup of gas.

Stay Tuned: Regular tune-ups are one of the smartest and simplest ways to save on fuel. One misfiring sparkplug can waste over 10% of a tankful of gas.

Some Like It Hot: No one likes to suffer from the heat, but today's high gas costs are guaranteed to make all of us "hot under the collar." When you run the air conditioner (especially when it's not all that steamy) you're reducing fuel economy by as much as 2.5 m.p.g.

Avoid Jack Rabbit Starts: Don't race your car's engine when starting your ignition. Try to accelerate slowly and evenly as your car picks up speed. Keep in mind who eventually won that famous race.

An Ounce Of Prevention: Keep an eye on your tires. Are they properly inflated? Check your engine oil and transmission fluid regularly. It all contributes to keeping your car in better mileage condition.