Why are car insurance rates so high?

There are several factors which are driving auto insurance rate increases.

The biggest one is distracted driving. Think texting, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, email, etc. How often do you see someone in front of you weaving back and forth or driving way below the speed limit? Then you get up close enough and you see they’re looking down at their phone. It’s almost an epidemic.

Another factor is car prices. Not only are the costs of repairs increasing, but think about today's cars compared to yesterday's. Ten years ago, the sideview mirror on your door was just that - a mirror. Now it's heated. It's lighted. It has sensors that warn you if you're about to veer into another car as you change lanes. What used to cost $40-$50 now costs hundreds of dollars. Same thing with your bumper. Sensors tell you if you're about to back into something. And some cars now have cameras that give you 360 degree vision around your car. Then there's the computer that runs the GPS, the audio/video and other types of information at your fingertips (another distraction). So damages that weren't claimed because they were under the deductible are now well over the deductible.

Other factors include uninsured drivers (Oklahoma is the highest in the country) and a high incidence of theft (Tulsa is among the highest in the country in auto theft).